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CREATIVITY IN CLAY | Learn simple actions that will evolve your practice w/ Lincoln Mayne
Saturday February 5th – 10:00am to 2:00pm
Capacity: 10 people.

You will not be billed until we have the minimum number of students signed up.


Creativity in Clay workshop is designed for makers and artists who are looking to expand upon their practice. New to clay? You’re welcome too! It’s never too late to just dive right in.

During this 4-hour workshop, we will discuss fundamental actions that will keep your practice exciting and evolving, including, “practicing non-preciousness”, “searching for the new” and “small actions that change perspective” and you will be shown simple steps to incorporate these concepts into your everyday practice. The workshop will start with an initial presentation of these ideas and then for approximately 3 hours, we will explore these ideas, hand-building in clay.

This is a creative hand-building clay workshop, not a traditional pottery workshop. The goal is not to finish a piece, although that is possible, but to leave with new creative enthusiasm that you can draw upon in your daily practice.

Lincoln Mayne is a ceramic artist with over 20 years of experience working in multiple mediums. Originally from Australia and trained in sculpture, he is fascinated by the way we communicate through objects. He approaches creativity and clay with a sense of wonder and mastery and has a natural desire to share what he has learned.