$100 Members / $125 Non-Members
Sunday, February 27th – 9:00am – 12:00pm

In this intermediate handbuilding class, you will work with a fresh soft slab. This novel technique allows you to create “crumpled” vases, “undulating” mugs and “organic” pitchers and planters. There will be a demonstration on how to prep your slab, get it vertical, form your base piece and how to add other elements from there. After that you’ll be free to work on several pieces.

MoLA will bisque-fire 2 pieces no larger than 8” in any direction for Non-Members.

Members will get 6 firing points for pieces made in this workshop.


In this class you will be combining wheel thrown, hand built, slab and extruded work to create functional sculptures in unexpected ways. Sarah will also focus on how to find and build on one’s artistic voice, encouraging you to expand on ideas that elevate and highlight your own point of view.

Please bring to the workshop 3 thrown or hand built shapes
(1 cylinder, 1 bowl, 1 shape of choice) made with midfire clay in the soft leather hard stage.

Sarah’s work is rooted in process and investigation. Her pieces are both new while familiar, serious while playful. Somehow timeless while timely. Sarah received her degree in sculpture & ceramics in 2007, and founded her studio in 2014. She lives and works in Los Angeles.

WHEEL THROWING SECTIONAL POTS w/ Joshua Bailey of Marina Del Clay

This workshop focuses on making taller and more complex forms on the wheel using a process called “stacking,” which involves joining two or three thrown sections to make jars, pitchers, or bottles.

Each student will create one of these monumental pieces being guided step by step. We suggest that you come in with a few sketches of a piece you would like to create. Please include shapes that you already know how to throw.

The max height will be 23″

DEMYSTIFYING THE EXTRUDER with Ian Riccardo Aguilar of Ian Aguilar Studios

The extruder is one of the most diverse pottery tools we have, and this class will help you take full advantage. Hollow tubes, coils and handles can be made in amazing shapes – square, triangular, twisted– and added to wheel thrown or hand-built pieces or for magical sculptural work.

Slip Cast Demo Workshop with Brendan (@tikifetish)

Slip casting is a pottery technique for the production of multiple, identical vessels, especially for shapes not easily made on a wheel. This class will demonstrate how to make a two part- square plaster mold for slip casting and how to cast from a mold.

Brendan will cover all of the basics for this method including materials, choosing the right objects to make casts of, mixing plaster, undercuts, using cottle boards, preparing a mold for slip, and finishing a cast.

Each attendee will be able to access a video link of this process that we will record during class.

Kurinuki: Japanese. Meaning “to hollow out”. with Dan Manns

In this workshop we will explore techniques used to form a vessel from the outside in. We will explore methods used to shape the outside of the vessel and hollow out the inside. Kurinuki is a free flowing approach with many different options and combinations of techniques to create truly unique objects.

Dan is a lifelong artist. He has practiced painting, drawing, collage, mixed media, sculpture and now ceramics. He enjoys the free flowing nature of creating objects through intuition, action, immediacy and accident. Playfulness and discovery are the main focus of his artwork.

Surface Decoration using Transfers and Decals with Seth Gantman

When it comes to adding decorations, patterns, and images to your work the possibilities are endless! In this three hour workshop you will learn three neat techniques to decorate and personalize your pieces and put them immediately into practice!

Seth will guide us step by step one how to make and apply our own slip transfers and decals onto greenware. We will learn surface decoration using stains, slips, stencils and resist on bisque ware, and finally we will discuss and learn the different types of glaze decals and apply one to our already glazed piece.

We will provide all materials needed, but please bring one bisque piece with texture and one glazed one. Together we will use molds and make a simple slab for our slip transfer portion of the class.

Intermediate/Advanced Wheel Throwing: Large Vases with Sarah Glass

Learn different techniques for creating medium to large wheel thrown functional vases with Miami visiting ceramicist Sarah Glass @SarahGlass_Ceramics. This workshop is perfect for experienced ceramic artists looking to improve their ability to throw larger on the potter’s wheel. We will cover a few different shapes such as round forms, tall cylindrical vessels, and narrow necked vases. Clay used during the workshop will be Laguna’s Bmix cone 5, but you are welcome to bring a preferred clay body such as porcelain.

All tools and equipment provided. Your vases will be available for pickup at Members Only LA upon completion of bisque kiln firing. Bisque firing is included with this workshop. If you are not a member and need to glaze fire please let the studio know, there will be a firing fee depending on the size.

Relief wall hanging inspired by nature with Sharon Hardy

Sharon is an artist who primarily uses clay to create wall and free- standing sculptures. The dualities of chaos and order, growth and decay, organic and mechanical are the inspiration for her work. Sharon has exhibited throughout California including, The Richmond Arts Center, The Irvine Fine Arts Center, SCAPE Gallery and Gallery 825. Her works also hang in private collections throughout the US! How neat!

She will be teaching and assisting students in creating a small relief wall hanging piece and going over the different techniques she uses to achieve the striking wall pieces that she is known for. This workshop includes Bmix clay with grog as well as bisque firing to non-members. If you need to arrange a glaze fire please let us know.


On the morning of Day One Indigo will start us off with a talk about her development as an artist, her experiences, and her subjects. Indigo will also talk about her glazing process. She combines glaze and underglaze in a unique manner and with a sophisticated application. This is a great opportunity to learn a very different approach to glazing your artwork.
After the artist talk, each student will work with Indigo to plan a way to build and create their sculpture.
Please bring a drawing(s) of your idea for a sculpture to the class. The ideal size is 10” – 12” in the largest dimension. Some experience with clay required. Off the wheel or on the wheel. Clay and bisque firing included. If you need to make arrangements to glaze fire your sculpture at MoLA please email us at [email protected] (fee varies by size).

11:30am – 12:00pm
Break. We suggest you bring a lunch or snacks to the workshop.

12:00pm – 3:00pm
We will spend the afternoon working with Indigo on our sculpture projects. This will be a 3-hour open studio where Indigo will assist you in bringing your sketch to life! You will have access to a torch, but are welcome to bring your own as this will be a very helpful tool to speed up the drying process.


·Lamp Forms- design, building techniques, requirements.
·Shades – Colors, Proportions, Materials.
·Resources for shades, hardware and wiring.
·Wiring basics.
·Review each design as a group.

Hands On:
·Handbuild or throw your lamp base(s) with creative support from Ron Hellman, potter and interior designer.


Join us for an afternoon workshop where we will learn basic slip-casting methods using plaster molds to make two unique and modern pipes. Each student will have two molds to work with and all materials and tools are included in the price of the class. This is a great opportunity to learn about using and making molds in your ceramic practice!
The workshop will be led by Sebastian Boher, a fine artist and master printmaker from Chile. In addition to his fine art practice, Boher is an incredibly talented designer and one half of the LA-based design duo Miwak Junior. Boher holds an MFA from CALArts.

Throwing Large with Molly Sanyour

Molly will guide us on all the techniques involved in throwing large:

-Wedging and preparing large amounts clay

-Best claybody selections for throwing large

-How to center large amounts of clay

-Wheel-throwing body posture when throwing big

-How to deal with the various challenges that arise when throwing large pots.

Molly will also demo how to use coils to build up and up and up and up ! 🙂

Members Only LA Pottery Sale

Drop by for our first Pottery Sale by our MoLA Members.

Handbuilding Techniques by Titia Estes

This one day workshop is devoted to the skills and techniques of hand building using soft slabs, coil, and pinch methods. Utilizing forms, we will build a cylinder and can change its shape by stretching, pushing, and pulling the clay in order to transform it into a more natural vessel. With pinch method and/or slabs, attachments will be formed and attached to the cylinder. Students will draw on their own influences and inspiration to aid in the development of a personal voice while building your technical skills.

We will have an hour lunch break.

Thrown and Altered Workshop w Kevin Kowalski

Take your pottery to the next level with this thrown and altered workshop. This workshop will focus on making forms on the potter’s wheel and altering them on and off the wheel. We will be aiming to make a flask but other forms like flower bricks, trays and butter dishes can be shown and explored depending on time and experience. We will discuss building a body of work and developing your creative voice while building new skills.

We will have an hour lunch break

Lauren Gallaspy- China Painting Workshop

In this one day workshop, we will learn the basics of water-based china painting on ceramics, an ancient technique that allows you to add color and precise line work to the surface of glazed ceramic forms that are then refired at a low temperature. The result is a colorful surface that, unlike glaze and underglaze, looks very similar going into and coming out of the kiln. China paint or “overglaze” layers can be built up and refired several times, giving its users lots of flexibility and allowing an intuitive use of color similar to watercolor or printmaking. We will look at historical and contemporary examples of china painted ceramic work as well as discuss how students can compose and transfer images and patterns to their ceramics. Students will be provided with overglaze enamels and various mediums for mixing. Students may bring in their own previously glaze-fired work (white or light colored work is best), and/or may purchase pre-made china to practice and experiment on.

EMPTY BOWLS EVENT in Support of LA Regional Food Bank

Empty Bowls is a grassroots effort to combat hunger in communities worldwide. The movement was started by a high school teacher in Michigan in 1990 as a student project to help feed the hungry in their community. Ceramic bowls were made for a fundraising meal and guests were served a simple meal of soup and bread, and were invited to keep the bowl as a reminder of hunger in the world. Since that time, hundreds of Empty Bowls projects have raised millions of dollars to feed the hungry around the world.